Deliveries to Bulgaria are performed through the official importer of GOSBI for Bulgaria - VIPPET Ltd. (Vip Pet Ltd.). The default courier company for all shipments on for Bulgaria is Speedy. The delivery is done by the door. If the customer wishes, he can order the goods to be delivered on request to the courier's office.

If the product is in stock in Bulgaria with the official importer "VIPPET" Ltd., the theoretical maximum delivery times are:

Bulgaria: 1-2 business days for orders received before 14.00. If the delivery time is longer, the customer will be promptly informed.

For Bulgaria - Transport is included in the price as long as the value of the order exceeds BGN 70 with VAT. Free delivery is valid only on business days. For orders under 70 leva, an additional 5,40 leva plus VAT is charged for transportation.