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Advanced 3D tissue: The polyester fibers are interlaced horizontally and vertically to form an air chamber with thermoregulatory effect.

Maximum comfort and well-being: Thanks to the stability and firmness of materials, they are recommended for animals with Leishmania, dysplasia and / or any joint pain.

Own manufacture: We design and manufacture in Spain, in our own workshops, to ensure the highest quality standards.

Recommended for veterinary use: Extra cushioning ensures proper rest for the recovery of the dog. In addition, thanks to its hydrophobic behavior, it allows to keep the animal dry during surgical or post-operative operations. It is compatible with the use of heat mats.

Comfort and lightness: Due to its lightness and small size, a memory fabric is added that offers the same comfort as high quality mattresses for people.

Perfect hygiene: Its hypoallergenic three-dimensional structure ensures perfect perspiration, preventing odors and the formation of bacteria, mites and fungi.

Easy cleaning: Its repellent fabric can be washed with hose or washing machine and offers ultra-fast drying both in the dryer and in the open air.


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